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Risk taking and faith

I wonder if, as we age we become more afraid to take risks. I see my children take these amazing steps outside their comfort zones all the time. I see them challenge boundaries, say yes to danger and twinkle with excitement at the thought of something new and unknown. With age may come cynicism, a jaded view of life, experience that tells us not to make that jump because it might hurt. But here's the catch. When we stop risk taking, our faith takes a hit. Our faith shrinks like a flower without sunlight or water. And we need faith. Faith grows hope and hope creates love. Without faith we live small dreams and the world doesn't have a chance to see our most glorious self, the self that perhaps could change the hate, change the prejudice, change the fear, change the criticism. Maybe today we can say yes to something together. Say yes to a kind word, say yes to an opportunity to grow. Even if that voice inside you causes you to pause, move forward with courage into faith, into growth, into a newness that could change the world.

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