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"I can be changed by what happens to me, I refuse to be reduced by it." 

Maya Angelou

About Therapy

Your story is important. It shapes the foundation of who you are. I believe that because of the pain and woundedness we have in our stories we act out in ways that can jeopardize our mental health and relationships. Through examining the hard parts of our story, we can journey into new ways of living once those parts of us have been healed. We are created for relationship. We are not meant to suffer alone in our pain. Therapy is a beautiful way to begin the adventure towards transformation. There is power in the therapeutic relationship that makes hope and healing possible for everyone.

The therapeutic relationship is a place where you can find your truth, find new ways of living, loving and shaping your future. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, the weight of depression, shame, trauma, relational issues, poor decision making, divorce, grief, loss…Therapy may be a great place for you to enter into vulnerability and access the power that is already inside you. Therapy is hard and there are no guarantees. Telling your story is hard and accepting it is even harder. But if you choose to do the work, trust the process and have courage, transformation is possible.  My hope is that if you are reading this, that you would step further into bravery and begin the journey.

I work on a sliding scale and do not accept insurance at this time. I encourage open dialogue about finances so we can agree on an appropriate fee for your situation. Sessions last 50 minutes unless otherwise agreed upon.

I encourage you to call or email today for an appointment.

Specializing in both Individual and Couples Therapy
Areas of Expertise






Eating Disorders


Sexual Abuse

Grief and Loss


Attachment Issues


Identity Issues

Aging & Elderly


Life Transition / Decision-Making

Gender Identity Issues

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